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Lock Pick Earrings for Fashionable Felons

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Written by Conner Flynn | December 30, 2013

These lock pick earrings are perfect for the cat burglar in your life. Catwoman certainly wouldn’t be caught without a pair. This is one accessory that can get you out of tight spots and into some others.
lock pick
These acid etched stainless steel earrings are lightweight and fashionable. Plus you get a selection of picks, rakes, and even a tension bar. They have silver plated rings and ear hooks too. You get:

  • 1 x Small hook pick
  • 1 x Small half diamond pick
  • 1 x Single ball rake
  • 1 x C-rake
  • 1 x S-rake
  • 1 x Tension wrench


They are only $34.99(USD) from Etsy seller GiantEye. They really work and have been tested on various locks, so don’t get yourself into too much trouble with them.


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