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AudioOrbs Are Speakers You Can Climb Inside of

 |  |  |  January 2, 2014

If you have ever wanted the biggest speakers you can get your hands on, AudioOrbs might be just what you are looking for. AudioOrbs are claimed to be the first and only speaker that you can actually sit inside of. The speakers are housed inside a massive clear sphere with a small circle cut out to allow you to climb in and out.


The developers behind the speakers say that the round design almost completely blocks noise from the outside of the speaker. Inside, the speaker is fitted with Tempur pillows to make for a comfortable time inside. The orb has 18 speakers to immerse its occupants with a full audio spectrum.


The company says that it will build two units, perhaps the only two ever built. Each of the orbs will sell for $15,000. The project is on Indiegogo and hasn’t raised a dollar yet. That’s because the only thing you can do is pledge your $15,000 and get your hands on one of the AudioOrbs.