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Guy Builds Three-Story Optimus Prime to Propose to Girlfriend

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Written by Conner Flynn | January 2, 2014

Most guys just get flowers, maybe some chocolates, get down on one knee, and pop the question. On the other hand, building a giant Transformers replica tops everything else that you can do. One man in China did just that.

transformers proposal
Outdoing all other men, he constructed this 26-foot-tall model of Optimus Prime. It took him about 10 months to build it, all in the hopes that his girlfriend would say “yes.” This machine took 400 drawings, 40,000 rivets and nearly $10,000 worth of stainless steel and iron. There’s no way she could say no after this right?

Well, the news story doesn’t say what her answer was, but I’m guessing the answer was yes based on this image. This is how you get the girl and a cool statue at the same time.

She must be some catch for a guy to go through all this trouble. More than meets the eye.

[via Chris Buckley via Gizmodo]