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Valkyria Chronicles 3 Unofficial English Patch: Translated Chronicles

 |  |  |  |  |  January 4, 2014

This is the tale of faceless translators who, on the verge of despair, changed history. Last Christmas a group of fans released an unofficial English language patch for the PSP game Valkyria Chronicles 3: Unrecorded Chronicles, a critically acclaimed tactical RPG that’s only available from Japanese stores. Unfortunately, the patch requires a jailbroken PSP to play, and there’s a bit of software hacking involved to patch a copy of the game.


The video below shows an early version of the patch applied to the game. Naturally, it contains a fair amount of spoilers:

You can download the patch from the Valkyria Chronicles 3 Translation Project website. The instructions for patching are also outlined on the download page. Obviously you need a copy of the game as well, either a UMD or a digital copy from the Japanese PSN store. See this SEGA? The hard work’s already done. The ragnite’s on your court. Seriously I’d love to see a Valkyria Chronicles trilogy bundle for the Vita and the PSP.

[via Destructoid]