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Budgee Robot Carries Your Crap So You Don’t Have to: RoboButler

 |  January 8, 2014

I don’t mind shopping, by myself. I hate shopping with my wife because she expects me to carry everything. I think she waits all year until I go with her and then tries to buy everything at once. Typically, I end up with a 75-pound bad of clothes in each hand, with nothing in the bags for me. People like my wife need Budgee.


Budgee is a lightweight robot that carries your stuff for you. The ‘bot is a three-wheel unit with a soft bag attached for you to put your stuff into. It can carry up to 50 pounds, and uses a rechargeable battery good for up to eight hours of use per charge.


Budgee is designed to follow you from a preset distance. The robot knows to follow you because of a small transmitter you carry with you. The robot works in conjunction with a smartphone app to warn you if you get too far away from it as well. You can also control the robot thought the smartphone app.


Budgee is on Kickstarter now seeking funding and a pledge of at least $1299(USD) by February 1, 2014 will get you one of the first robots with delivery set for July.