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Limelight Pi Lets You Stream PC Games to a Raspberry Pi: Streaming Pi of Shield

 |  |  |  |  |  January 19, 2014

We already saw a very cheap way to emulate the NVIDIA Shield’s game streaming function using a smartphone and VNC. But if you want an even cheaper way – assuming you don’t already have a smartphone – check out Limelight Pi, an open source program that lets you stream Steam games to a Raspberry Pi.


Made by GitHub member irtimmer, Limelight Pi uses NVIDIA’s GameStream technology to stream your Steam games. Thus, you’ll still need an NVIDIA GTX 600/700 series GPU, NVIDIA’s GeForce Experience program and either a high-end wireless router or an Ethernet connection. Here’s a demo by YouTuber leCauchemarXY. The screen on the left is the one connected to the Raspberry Pi.

You can download Limelight Pi from irtimmer’s Github page. Limelight Pi is actually a fork of irtimmer’s Limelight, which works on Windows, OS X and Linux computers. So if you’d rather stream to a desktop computer, get Limelight instead of Limelight Pi.

[via Raspberry PiPod]