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This Medieval Joker Armor Is Insane

 |  |  |  |  |  |  |  January 20, 2014

Prince Armory has been making stuff for cosplayers, armor and weapon collectors since 2007. They have all kinds of detailed custom armor creations. Their newest design looks like it comes straight from the pages of a DC Elseworlds comic book.
This suit of medieval style leather Joker armor is colorful and creepy and is perfect for the Clown Prince of Crime. The suit is made of seven hardened leather pieces: A Jester’s Helmet with Joker Mask, Breastplate, Drama Face Pauldrons, Breastplate, Jester’s War Skirt, Cuisses/Knees/Greaves, and Articulated Jester Shoe Sabatons.

joker armor1
The detail is crazy. One can only imagine how cool Medieval Batman would look fighting this guy. I would not want to go up against this Joker. He is even creepier and more insane than usual.


Be sure to check out the full, hi-resolution images of this masterpiece over on DeviantArt.

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