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Triton Respirator Concept Works Like Gills

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Written by Hazel Chua | January 22, 2014

Harry Potter has gillyweed, while non-magical folks like you and me have the Triton respirator. The concept device is a contraption that lets a person “breathe” underwater by functioning as gills.

If you read Harry Potter, then you’ll know how crucial gillyweed was for him during the Twi-Wizard cup tournament. If you didn’t, well, it’s basically a magical plant that gave the person who ate it temporary gills.

While Triton won’t make gills sprout out of your neck, it works in a similar fashion.

Respirator Concept0

The concept design was thought up by Korean industrial designer Jeabyun Yeon and it essentially would work like the gills on a fish. Its wearer simply has to bite down on the device’s mouthpiece. It will then strip oxygen from the surrounding water and let you breathe as if you were on land and not underwater.

Respirator Concept1

The Triton uses a series of filters woven together so water molecules can’t pass through. It’s also fitted with a micro-compressor that, in theory, will be able to pull dissolved oxygen out of the water and into its wearer’s breathing tank.

This concept might seem far off now, but who knows? It might turn into a reality in the future.

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