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Q Ruler: One-Hand Ruler to Rule Them All

 |  |  |  January 23, 2014

It’s annoying when you have to measure something and can’t find a long-enough rule or measuring tape in sight. For example, I was buying shoes online recently and wanted to check their sizing versus the current size I wear. I only had a 6-inch ruler so I improvised and used a piece of ribbon to measure my shoe’s sole. I then used the ruler to measure the mark I had made on the piece of ribbon.

I ordered the shoes and even with that much effort, the measurements were still off.

Q Ruler

Carrying a foot-long ruler or measuring tape in my bag at all times is out of the question, because the former will end up sticking out of my bag while the latter is pretty heavy.

One solution? The Q Ruler, which is as handy as rulers and measuring tapes can get. With conventional measuring devices, you’ll often need at least two hands to ensure that you get a good measurement. But with Q, you only need one. It’s essentially a digital ruler of sorts which you’re supposed to roll along the length of whatever it is you want to measure. The measurement is then displayed on the Q Ruler’s digital display. Pretty neat, huh?

It was designed by Sangun Lee and is, unfortunately, just a concept design for now. In the mean time, you can find similar devices which are designed primarily for measuring maps, but could probably be used in much the same way.

[via Yanko Design]