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Holy Batarang Boomerang, Batman!

 |  |  |  |  |  January 29, 2014

Victor Poulin makes all kinds of cool boomerangs. Even the glaive from Krull. He recently made this sweet Batman batarang, which works really nicely and comes back to the thrower. I just wish I could see the Joker get hit upside the head with this thing. Crazy freak!
batarang boomerang
In the video below, Poulin shows off the batarang like a pro. This thing measures 25.25 inches across even though it doesn’t look that big. He throws it and it returns to him every time. It’s a bit big for a utility belt, but it works like a champ.

It’s made of wood, so it is probably nice and light – and not as deadly as it looks. Poulin is a true boomerang master. Check out this other video of him playing basketball and starting fires with a boomerang. Great stuff.

[via Nerd Bastards via Neatorama]