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NAX 2.0 Can Slice and Dice Zombies and Still Open Your Beer

 |  |  |  |  |  January 29, 2014

ThinkGeek is intent on getting us all ready for the zombie apocalypse. They will sell you the Crovel or Crovel II which will certainly come in handy to take on the zombie hoard. A new tool has turned up that looks even more impressive than the Crovel, called the NAX 2.0.


The NAX 2.0 is a multitool that can function as a hatchet, machete, and a kukuri knife. I don’t know what that last one is, but it sounds really cool. The handle of the NAX 2.0 can be used as a pry bar so you can open any wood crates of Twinkies you might run across.


The handle also has a bottle opener, which is key to surviving the zombie apocalypse. Few things are worse than running across the last beer in the world and not having a bottle opener. The handle also has a gas shut off wrench, I guess that will help to burn up some zombies or cook Ramen soup to enjoy with your beer. Plus, the handle is wrapped in 550 paracord, which is perfect for setting booby traps and strangling the undead.


The Nax 2.0 is available from ThinkGeek for $149.99(USD).