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Klingon Valentine’s Day Cards: Perhaps Today is Good Day to Write

 |  |  |  |  February 4, 2014

Klingon love isn’t just about fighting each other with bat’leths and breaking bones in the bedroom. It has a sweet side too. Although it is mostly violence and growling.

klingon valentine

Some of them actually exchange Valentine’s Day cards though. Like these, that NeatoShop artist Matt Wiley has created. These Valentine’s Day Cards feature Klingon-worthy phrases of love, like “Love is a battlefield / And we will love victoriously,” “You stole my heart / I would have given you mine. I have two,” and “The empire doesn’t seem as mighty without you / Will you fight by my side?”

klingon valentine1

With these cards you can be sure that you and your mate will love for a lifetime and enter Sto-Vo-Kor together in death. Qapla’!

klingon valentine2

[via Neatorama]