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Sheep Bedside Tables Are Sheer Insanity

 |  |  |  |  |  |  February 7, 2014

This unusual bedside table was inspired by the works of Salvador Dalí and made by Oscar Tusquets, an artist in Spain. He built these drawers using taxidermied sheep. Obviously.
sheep cabinet
They specifically reference this image by Dalí seen here called “Interpretation Project for a Stable-Library.” You can see the sheep cabinet on the left side of the image. And now this dude is bringing it to life. Using dead sheep. Tusquets worked with a famous French taxidermy studio in Paris, to make 21 sheep cabinets in all. Each one has bronze feet, a tabletop and a drawer for all of your stuff that you absolutely must store in a dead sheep.

sheep cabinet1
There will be 20 white sheep and one black sheep with white legs, just to keep things interesting. Each cabinet will sell for about $82,000(USD). Now that’s a lot of bah bah bucks.

[via Weird Universe via Neatorama]