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The Princess Bride: Prepare to Die Game: Inconceivable!

 |  |  |  February 11, 2014

I have said it before; I am a big fan of the flick The Princess Bride. If you like the movie as much as me, and are into card games, you might like this one.


The game is called The Princess Bride: Prepare to Die! The concept is simple; you have a bunch of cards that look like the “Hello my name is” stickers you might see at a company meeting. You have another stack of cards with random bad deeds that start with “You” and end with “Prepare to die!”


The idea is you that a “judge” selects a name tag, then each other player must pick a funny “Prepare to die” card. Whoever the judging player picks as the funniest selection wins the round.

What you end up with is something like, “Hello, my name is Abraham Lincoln. You drank my milkshake, prepare to die!” I’m betting you just red that in a Spanish accent. The game is available for $29.99 from ThinkGeek.