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Super Mario Bros. Nesting Dolls: Marioshka

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Written by Conner Flynn | February 20, 2014

These Super Mario Bros. nesting dolls looks fantastic. Individually, each is a quality work of art. They are a tad dark in theme though. I mean, Bowser seems to have ripped the Princess’ arm off. Heck, Mario is holding a bloody wrench.
mario nesting dolls
Bowser is the biggest one. Open him up and its’a me Mario. Then comes Luigi and finally Goomba. These are the work of William Butler who certainly knows his way around the Mushroom Kingdom – and a paintbrush.

mario nesting dolls1
That Goomba looks super mean and Luigi is ready to take him down with a fireball – or just stomp on him. William’s vision of the game is definitely awesome, though I doubt Nintendo will ever release such a gory version.

mario nesting dolls2

I would so buy these if they were for sale.

mario nesting dolls3
[via Xombiedirge via it8bit]