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Oh My Glob! Doctor Who Meets Adventure Time

 |  |  |  |  February 24, 2014

Doctor Who gets mashed up with Adventure Time in this amazing piece of art by James Hance. You got your Doctor Who in my Adventure Time! No, your Adventure Time is in my Doctor Who!
doctor who adventure time
It is absolutely perfect. I would pay to see this show. Finn is the Eleventh Doctor and Jake is the Tenth. Lumpy Space Princess is an Adipose. Of course. Ice King is a Weeping Angel, while Gunther and his pals are Daleks. The TARDIS? BMO of course. The only thing missing is that he should have put Princess Bubblegum in here as Amy Pond. How perfect would that have been?

This mural  is done with acrylic paint, measures about 4×5 feet and is now on the wall of Hance’s 9-year-old daughter’s room. I wish I had this on the wall of my house. Thankfully, James does plan on offering the design on prints and t-shirts in the next couple of weeks. Mathematical!

[via Neatorama]