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R/C Helicopters Lift a Woman off the Ground

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Written by Conner Flynn | March 5, 2014

Want to pick up your date? Forget your car. Don’t send a taxi. Send two R/C helicopters to pick her up and really impress her.


HeliGraphix is a club of radio controlled helicopter hobbyists that perform crazy stunts and puts the videos online. Seen here, their latest project is HULC, which stands for Heavy Ultra Lifter Crane.

This is a demo to show just how powerful two heavy duty helicopters can be when working in tandem. The team says that it has completed the first successful human flight by R/C aircraft. The proof is right here. They did several flights, some of them lasted over 40 seconds.

It is pretty impressive to watch. Sorry guys, this technique won’t help you kidnap a girl. She has to grab on willingly.


[via Core77 via Neatorama]