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Six Pac-Men: Wakka^18


Written by Paul Strauss | March 5, 2014

So what happens when six people play Pac-Man simultaneously on a huge maze? Sounds like fun. Now combine that with a concert, and you get this crazy piece of interactive performance art.


Six Pac-Men is a crazy bit of multimedia art created by Tacit Group, which mashes up a performance of Steve Reich’s 1973 modern classical music piece Six Pianos with a very special game of Pac-Man. Here’s how it works:

Performers need to collect items provided, by steering each given packman. One level is complete once six performers collect all the items, thereby going to the next measure of the piece. In some levels (or measures) appears a ghost that disturbs the performer. Performers can finish the game by playing all measures. This shows a significant feature of Tacit Group that has been applying games like Tetris and puzzles to pieces of art.

You can check out the entire performance in the video below. It starts out a little slow, but gets going around the 1:25 mark. Be sure to blow it up to full screen HD if you can.

Mesmerizing, isn’t it? And if you’re wondering about that Tetris performance they were talking about…

[via Prosthetic Knowledge]