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Realistic ‘Barbie’ Dolls Are Ready for Production

 |  |  March 9, 2014

I don’t have a daughter, but if I did, I would never let her play with Barbie dolls. There’s already enough stuff out there that messes with their self esteem. They need a better doll role model.

lamm doll
As you may have heard, Barbie doll artist Nickolay Lamm designed a new doll, using the Center for Disease Control’s actual average measurements for a 19-year old girl. A more realistic girl. Now he’s back with a crowdfunding project to manufacture his realistically-proportioned¬†Lammily dolls.

A pledge of $25(USD) or more will get you a First Edition Lammily doll. Nickolay has already nearly quadrupled his modest $95,000 funding goal in just a few days. That should tell you the kind of demand there is for such a doll. This one actually has curves and isn’t just a bean-pole with a tiny waist. This is awesome stuff for the young women of our planet.

[via Geekologie]