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Neil Young’s PonoMusic to Launch on Kickstarter (Bow-Chica-Wow-Wow)

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Written by Shane McGlaun | March 10, 2014

Neil Young has been talking up his forthcoming high-fidelity music service and music player for a few years. That service and the player will now be launching via Kickstarter and it is called PonoMusic. That is a horrible name, each time I see it I think PornoMusic and hum bow-chica-wow-wow to myself.


The device, made by Arye, is said to use zero feedback circuits and a digital filter to stop unnatural pre-ringing. I’m no audiophile, so this is Greek to me. I assume that means it sounds really good. The music player will have a substantial 128GB of storage and the triangular design looks really uncomfortable to carry in a pocket, so it’s probably best used in a backpack.

The 128GB of storage should be enough to store 100 to 500 high-resolution albums. Storage expansion is possible using memory cards. The high-resolution music service promises tracks from top labels and independent labels. The PonoPlayer (bow-chica-wow-wow) will sell for $399(USD), but the price will be discounted for pre-orders.

Young is launching the triangular player on Kickstarter on March 12.

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