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Pachi Pachi Clappy is the Sound of One Hand Clapping

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Written by Paul Strauss | March 10, 2014

Oh, Japan. It’s been at least a few weeks before you came out with a completely silly gadget that we don’t really need, but we do really want. What we have here is the Pachi Pachi Clappy, which I was ready to order solely on the basis of its name. But for those of you more discriminating buyers, read on…


Apparently, clapping isn’t just used for applause in Japan – it’s something people do before meals and even when praying. But how can you clap when you’ve got your other hand busy holding a cup of Mountain Dew flavored Cheetos? Clearly, you need a gizmo for that, and Pachi Pachi Clappy has you covered. It goes without explanation what it does, but watch this video anyhow:

Say, that sure sounded a lot like the music fromĀ Sugar Rush in Wreck it Ralph. While you contemplate that, have some more Pachi Pachi Clappy:

You can get your hand on your very own Pachi Pachi Clappy over at Japan Trend Shop for $27(USD).