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Soundwall Artwork Is Actually a Speaker

 |  |  |  |  |  March 12, 2014

When it comes to speakers and TVs one of the fashionable things to do is hide them so that when they aren’t in use, you can’t tell speakers or a TV are in the room. We have seen TVs hidden by art on the wall in the past. Now, a company called Soundwall is now offering a speaker that is a work of art.


The speaker is called Soundwall and it hides a high fidelity speaker and amplifier in plain sight. Interestingly, there are no speakers hiding behind the canvas. The surface itself IS the speaker. Specs for the speaker are 40-20,000Hz frequency +/- 1.5dB on the largest size Soundwall, and the it’s powered by either 2x25W RMS or a 2x100W RMS Class-D amp, depending on the size of the artwork. They also include a subwoofer output if you’d like to place one on the floor to improve bass response.

Each Soundwall unit has a Raspberry Pi controller inside that supports AirPlay and UPnP formats for wireless streaming. The Soundwall speakers can play individual tracks when multiple units are installed in one location or they can be set up to all play the same track.

Buyers can choose from a variety of sizes, a gallery of existing art, or even upload their own photos. You can also order one with a blank canvas if you want to create your own painting. Prices range from $949(USD) for the smallest poster size Soundwall to $2499 for the largest 40″ x 60″ unit. Some of the original paintings can increase the price of the speaker as well.