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Guy Selling Flappy Bird Drawing for $1,000, Say What?

 |  |  |  |  March 20, 2014

People just seem to get a little crazy when it comes to Flappy Bird. Forget about how frustrating the game is. I’m talking about stuff like putting phones with Flappy Bird on eBay that sell for way too much money. Or the fact that somebody was inspired enough to make this or this.
flappy bird art
Now some crackpot on eBay is selling this original Flappy Bird drawing for $1,000. I can’t help but wonder if anyone is crazy enough to buy it.

It was hand drawn by the seller, who says that the funds will go to his “collage” education. So you can see that he really does need to attend “collage”. It is Flappy Bird art and it is original. Wanna hang this on your wall for a grand? Didn’t think so.

[via Creepbay]