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Battlefield 4 Naval Strike DLC Adds Maps, Aircraft Carrier Assault Mode

 |  |  March 21, 2014

If you are a fan of Battlefield 4, new DLC pack is coming soon that you will want to get your hands on. The DLC is called Naval Strike and has a new mode and four new maps.


The new maps include Lost Islands, Wave Breaker, Nansha Strike, and Operation Mortar. The new mode, called Carrier Assault asks players to work together to take down the other team’s massive aircraft carrier using missiles. The Nansha Strike map has the largest ocean stretch offered in a map for the game franchise to date.


The DLC also brings new weapons, two new gadgets, a hovercraft vehicle, ten assignments, and more. Carrier Assault is an homage to the Titan mode from Battlefield 2142.

The DLC will launch March 25 and will land on the Xbox 360, PS3, Xbox One, and PS4. The March 25 launch date is for Premium subscribers, other members will be able to get the DLC on April 8. Naval Strike is the third of five DLC packs that will be offered for Battlefield 4.

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