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Ship Built out of Coins Sails the Curren Sea

 |  |  |  |  |  March 22, 2014

This ship is a pirate’s conundrum. You can board her and get the booty, but you can’t take the loot without taking apart the ship. It just reminds me of what I could have accomplished had I not wasted so may quarters in the arcade.


This model sailing frigate made entirely out of coins.  It is the work of Sergei Nikolayev Knurov, a chef in Ukraine. The 30-pound hull is made of 17,000 coins held together with glue. The sails are even made of paper currency.

Knurov used mostly 2- and 10-kopek coins and 25 5-hryvnia banknotes. He and his wife, Alena, worked on the project together. It took them two to three hours a day for six months, and it cost about 800 hryvnia (~$77 USD) to build. They hope to sell it for about 4,000 hryvnia ($386 USD). That will be a nice profit.

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