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Soda Can Covers Hide Your Beer

 |  |  |  |  March 28, 2014

Keep your alcoholism to yourself with these nifty beer can covers that make your beer look like a soda. These reusable covers wrap around your beer can so that you can keep drinking without anyone suspecting a thing – unless you are obviously drunk, of course.

They’re made by cutting open actual aluminum soda cans, then carefully cutting off the tops and sanding all the sharp edges so you don’t slice your fingers off. They have several styles available. The important thing is that none of them look like a beer.

People don’t appreciate you drinking your booze everywhere, so just go undercover. Now you can really have a Coke and a smile. That guy sure looks happy drinking that soda. So happy he can’t walk. And he keeps running to the bathroom too.

You can find the Hide-a-Beer Soda Can Covers over on eBay.

[via This is why I’m broke]