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Samsung Galaxy S5 Has a Built In Baby Crying Detector in Case Your Ears Are Broken

 |  |  |  March 31, 2014

Any new parent develops the ability to hear a baby cry no matter what they are doing. You could be cutting tile with a 50hp saw while a jet taxies in the background and if the baby cries, you hear them. Once the second kid rolls around you don’t even get up when the baby pukes on you. A new feature has turned up on the Samsung Galaxy S5 smartphone that helps parent hear their baby that could be useful if you have any hearing issues.


The feature is called the Baby Crying Detector and for it to work, you’ll also need a Galaxy Gear smartwatch. With the S5 and the Gear synced, you leave the phone within one meter of the baby. When the baby cries, the phone will vibrate and send an alert to the Gear watch. That way you know the baby is awake.

Samsung wisely warns you not to use this feature in lieu of actually watching your baby. I can’t think of too many parents these days that can be away from their smartphone games and social apps like Facebook long enough to leave the phone in the baby’s room.

[via Soyacincau]