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Awesome Graffiti Turns Boxcar into Nintendo Controller: Nintraindo

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Written by Shane McGlaun | April 3, 2014

In my area, we have lots of train tracks so it’s not uncommon at all to have to sit and wait for a train to cross in front of you. I normally sit there wondering why people go out of their way to tag the boxcars with graffiti. Typically, the art is nothing more than a mess in my eyes.


Conversely, some geeks have captured a boxcar making the rounds that has been painted to look like an old school Nintendo controller. It’s a very good rendition too. Apparently, the person who made the graffiti is TEXER ALB.


I wish more of these ugly boxcars would get a cool coat of paint like this one. If you remember Nintendo controllers from back in the day, you may be wondering why the boxcar has three buttons rather than two like the real controller has. Those buttons are labeled A, L, B for the artist.

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