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Watch Every Nintendo and Super Nintendo Game Title Screen (in 12 Hours)

 |  |  |  |  |  April 8, 2014

Have you played every Nintendo and Super Nintendo game that ever was? Are you sure? Do you have a life? Well, you can check out these two videos which feature every title screen for every game made for the Nintendo and Super Nintendo and use them as a visual checklist if you want.
game screens
Each title is included in alphabetical order. The video for the NES is three hours-long, while the Super Nintendo one is a whopping nine hours-long. With that kind of a time commitment, you might be better off just playing the games. However, it is a nice walk down memory lane.

Do you recognize them all? Sadly, I remember most of them. I must have spent years worth of time playing these games, but I wouldn’t change a thing. Gaming was amazing in those days.

[via Crunchyroll via Geekologie]