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Japan Vending Machine Makes You Dance for Your Ice Cream

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Written by Conner Flynn | April 10, 2014

Japan is the king of weird vending machines. The country has over 5.6 million of them. They sell booze, eggs, crabs and even cars and undies. If you can think it up, they have a vending machine for it. Now a vending machine selling ice cream by Seventeen Ice will make you dance for your ice cream.
The company has developed a vending machine that dispenses ice cream only when the user dances. You might as well get some exercise since you are eating junk.

It is similar to the Dance Dance Revolution arcade game. The user will have to dance to any of the 17 choreographed videos stored on the machine to get their treat. The machine will be on display for just one day on April 26th at Marui City Shibuya in Tokyo. If all snack machines were like this, we would all be thin.

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