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DIY PC Gaming Pedal: Floor General

 |  |  |  |  |  |  |  April 15, 2014

A few years ago Ben Heck made a breath-operated controller to substitute for the kick drum pedal of the Guitar Hero drum set, allowing a wheelchair-bound player to rock out. This time, the master modder made his own USB-based pedals to give him added control options when playing video games on the PC.


Ben’s pedals are run by a Teensy board. His computer will recognize them as a keyboard, making it easy to map commands in games. Ben made it so he can map up to two commands per pedal: the first command is activated with a slight press and the second command is triggered by pressing harder on the pedal.

Watch Ben build them the video below. Skip to around 15:25 to see the finished pedals.

(Video courtesy of Element14 and Newark)

Don’t have Ben’s hands to help your feet? Don’t worry. There are commercially available PC foot pedals like the Stinkyboard, the Fragpedal and the Alto Edge Infinity.

[via The Ben Heck Show via Ubergizmo]