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Dronies! Drone-Selfies Are a Thing!

 |  |  |  April 16, 2014

I have to admit when I first heard of drone selfies, I thought that actual drones were taking selfies of themselves.


That seemed a bit odd, but it made a lot more sense when I saw Amit Gupta’s drone selfie video. It simply blew my mind. The zoom out is quite amazing.

There are now a few more dronies popping up – so it’s almost sort of a thing now. The trick of a good dronie is to find a good location, because otherwise it just looks ordinary.

And now for something completely different…Inspired by @superamit's epic aerial selfie (or #dronie as @alexdao and @jkottke suggest), I'm breaking my iPhone-only rule to share an aerial selfie of the Works family and #1337stream in our current campsite at Pelican Beach on Pyramid Lake in western Nevada.This was fun, and seems like an interesting and unique way to capture a different perspective of the places we visit and camp (i.e. live). And I don't really mind breaking my iPhone-only rule in this case, since there's not much of a substitute for the #GoPro here. If you'll allow it, I hope to share more videos from my #Phantom2 drone in the future. 

I like the overall look captured by the dronies as well. You can see so much detail when the drone zips away.

[via <a class=kottke]