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Chocolate Toothpaste: Brush with Dessert

 |  |  April 20, 2014

If only we could have had chocolate toothpaste when I was a kid. Well, the important thing is that they have it now. Theodent has a new line of fluoride-free, chocolate-flavored toothpaste. And this chocolate flavor isn’t just a novelty.

Theodent’s toothpaste formula contains a patented substance that is actually obtained from the cacao plant that gives it its chocolatey flavor. It’s called rennou, and don’t worry, it is safe to eat. Naturally, you want something safe in a chocolate toothpaste, because kids are going to be tempted to gulp this stuff down when they brush.

Theodent Classic is only $10, while the extra-strength version Theodent 300 is priced at a wallet-busting $100 a tube. Damn, those are dentist prices.

[via Incredible Things via OhGizmo!]