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Tiny Goccia Fitness Tracker Weighs a Bit More than a Penny

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Written by Shane McGlaun | April 21, 2014

I’ve been wearing a Pebble Smartwatch over the last few months and a lot of the time, it’s annoying having something on my wrist. If you like the idea of a wearable fitness device, but you don’t want something so bulky, G-Wearable’s Goccia might be the gadget for you. The device is billed as the smallest and simplest activity tracker in all the land.


Goccia is about the diameter of a dime and weighs just a little more than a penny (and it looks a bit like a Life Savers candy). It is small enough that you don’t need to wear it on your wrist like most fitness devices. It’s available with different mounts that let you wear it on a sleeve, a shoe, or even a hair band. It’s built from durable aluminum and Gorilla Glass, and is waterproof, and the Goccia tracks multiple activities, including time spent running, swimming, hiking, sleeping, and more.

It’s good for up to two weeks of use per charge and charges with no wires. It uses LED lights to tell you how close you are to your daily fitness goals. It also transfers detailed data to a smartphone app for tracking and uses LED light transmitting tech rather than Bluetooth to cut down on power use and size.

The project is raising funds on Kickstarter, where a pledge of $60(USD) or more by April 24 will get you a Goccia this May.