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This Model Stargate Spins and Lights up

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Written by Conner Flynn | April 23, 2014

This miniature stargate was made by YouTube user TheEnchantedBeer, which is oddly enough, an item that I have been questing for over the years. It may just be a legend, but I’m sure it’s real, and one day I’m gonna drink it! Anyhow, back to the Stargate. The model is a collaboration with a colleague from 9400 kilometers away. Sadly, it does not yet generate wormholes, so nothing can be sent between them.

This 19cm diameter SG-1 Stargate, moves and lights up just like the TV version in SG-1. When you dial the proper address, a connection is opened up via the internet to a corresponding device or computer. They don’t know what they will transmit yet, but the hardware/internet interface will be Arduino.

This is an awesome little Stargate. I love the way it moves so smoothly.

[via Neatorama]