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Nerdwax Keeps Your Glasses from Sliding off: Wax on, Glass on

 |  |  |  |  |  April 24, 2014

Do your glasses slide down your nose when you get sweaty or if your face gets oily? Check out Nerdwax. It’s a beeswax-based solution that supposedly keeps your glasses on. Its efficacy will depend on how sweaty or oily you get, but inventor Don Hejny claims that he’s gone for an entire day on just one application of his product.


As you can see Nerdwax comes in a small tube, like a lip balm. Rub some of it on the bridge or nosepads of your glasses to make those parts stickier.


Pledge at least $10 (USD) on Kickstarter to get a tube of Nerdwax as a reward. If that sounds expensive, Don says one tube should last around 6 to 8 months with normal use, so it’s not bad. Unless it’s actually just beeswax.

[via Coolest Gadgets]