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Guy Building a Roller Coaster in His Backyard

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Written by Conner Flynn | April 28, 2014

Everyone loves amusement park rides. Will Pemble and his son Lyle are no different. They love to visit amusement parks and ride the roller coasters. So naturally, one day, when returning home from an amusement park, Lyle asked, “Why don’t we build our own roller coaster, Dad?” The rest is history.

roller coaster
So the pair set out to build themselves a backyard roller coaster. They call the project Coaster Dad and Will regularly updates their website, showing off their progress. As the video shows, the coaster is looking pretty awesome already:

The track is made from parallel PVC pipes on a lumber frame. Right now, Will is working on another cart made from a steel frame with skateboard wheels, with independent axles. If that isn’t enough, he wants to add a pedal mechanism so you can get a little extra speed on the rises. Pretty cool.

Now he just needs to figure out how to do loops and corkscrews.

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