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Fun with 100 Pounds of Magnetic Thinking Putty

 |  |  |  April 30, 2014

When I was growing up, the only putty-like plaything I had was good old Silly Putty. I always loved messing around with it until it started to turn a sort of weird grey color after picking up too many prints of the Sunday funnies with the stuff.

There’s another kind of putty on the market these days, and it’s intentionally grey – though a much darker shade. Magnetic Thinking Putty has unique properties which allow it to bend and stretch when pulled by magnets. Normally, the stuff ships in a small tin, but the guys at Vat19 decided to take a figurative crap-ton of the stuff and glob it together to see how it would behave en masse.


In their recently posted video, they experimented with a huge 100 pound ball of the stuff, pulled from 500 3.2 oz. tins of the gooey stuff. They unscientifically tested how well it bounces, flexes, and even if it can hold the weight of a man (I think we already knew the answer to that.) If nothing else, you’ll want to watch the video just for the giant magnet they get to play with:

Man, that time-lapse footage is crazy. If you’re interested in buying a tin of Magnetic Thinking Putty for yourself, point your big magnet in the direction of Vat19, where you pick up a single tin for $14.99(US) – or 500 for $7,495.