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The Ultimate Zoidberg Costume: Woop Woop Wear

 |  |  |  |  May 9, 2014

This video comes from It documents the production of a life-like animatronic Zoidberg costume from effects artist Frank Ippolito. It looks pretty stunning to see Zoidberg come to life like this. It is also kind of creepy, which in this case is a compliment.

zoidberg_cosplayCheck out the video to see how they brought this simple cartoon character into the real world and also how they got all of that amazing detail. The best part has to be the motorized tentacle bits:


Once it was complete, they took the costume to WonderCon 2014 for everyone to see and it looks like it was a hit. I would totally hang out with this Zoidberg, no matter how bad he smells.

At one point they were thinking about making him more of a scary monster. Personally, I’m glad they kept things close to the cartoon version.

[via Tested]