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Scribble Pen & Stylus: Copy and Paste Colors from Actual Objects

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Written by Lambert Varias | May 26, 2014

It looks like Jinsu Park’s color-copying pen concept is going to have a real-life counterpart, thanks to inventors Mark Barker and Robert Hoffman. Their Scribble Pen and Scribble Stylus use a color sensor and an ARM 9 processor to copy and save colors from the real world. If Scribble takes off, instead of hoarding crayons kids will be hoarding Pantone swatches.


Unlike Jinsu’s concept, the Scribble Pen will replicate the colors using refillable cyan, magenta, yellow, white and black cartridges. Together, they can create over 16 million colors. Match that Crayola! Both the stylus and the pen will have 1GB of storage, enough to save around 100,000 colors. The saved colors can also be sent to a mobile app over Bluetooth 4.0, where users can tag, organize and convert them into digital formats. The app will also let users doodle on their mobile device using the colors they saved.


The Scribble Pen will sell for $150 (USD), while the Scribble Stylus will sell for $80. Barker and Hoffman’s company will also seek additional funding on Kickstarter in the near future, so expect to get both of these gadgets for a discount in their fundraiser.