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 |  |  June 7, 2014

Big red buttons are cool. You can’t help but press one when you see it. They are the simplest interface ever. A red button can shoot a Space Invader or launch a nuke. I prefer the former. As red buttons go, is very impressive.


This simple red button delivers a bunch of Internet functions depending on exactly what you have programmed it to do. You connect it to the Internet via mobile data or a Wi-Fi connection, then configure it with your web browser. That gives it the power to do many things with… wait for it. Just the push of a button.

It works with online services like Twitter, Facebook, email and, which is really handy. It lets you create a set of rules to do different things depending on what you want. For instance you can get a text if it’s about to rain. Put it in the entry of your home and have people hit the button when they enter, alerting you that they are home. The possibilities are endless. This device is simple, but can deliver a whole lot. is completely wireless and runs for up to 12 months on four AA batteries. You can also use a USB port to keep it juiced up. If you’d like a for yourself, you can preorder one now for €69 (~$94 USD).

[via The Red Ferret]