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Edible Canned Bugs Look Disgusting

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Written by Shane McGlaun | June 18, 2014

I’d have to be really hungry and desperate to eat bugs. For instance, I would gladly lick that gross jelly goo from the inside of a tin of Spam before I would eat a bug. If you want a really gross gift to give someone as a gag, ThinkGeek has a new Edible Bugs Gift pack.


The bugs apparently really are made to eat. You get five individually sealed tins with a bug in each and a special flavoring to make it go down better. You get bacon and cheese grasshoppers, BBQ bamboo worms, nori seaweed armor tail scorpions, salted queen weaver ants, and wasabi house crickets.

I think the scorpion would be the worst to eat. Check out the video below to gross yourself out even more.