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New Infinite 1-Up Glitch Discovered in Super Mario Bros.

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Written by Conner Flynn | June 18, 2014

Can you believe that after 30 years people are still discovering ways to get more lives in Super Mario Bros.? It is true. Below is a video of a recently discovered Super Mario Bros. glitch that gives you infinite 1-ups. Sadly, you can only keep 128 of them. I’m sure you won’t need that many anyway.

super mario glitch
So, how do you do this trick? First you have to beat the game. After that, you start a new 2-player game and time it so one player dies while a vine is growing. This will make the vine continue to grow up through the ground on the next player’s turn. If the player is on a level with two trapped enemies, you can bump them for free lives as many times as you like. Skip to about 2:40 to see the glitch in action:

Cool trick. You have to wonder how they discovered this one in the first place. They must have played forever to find this. I don’t even have time to play a regular game of Super Mario Bros., what am I going to do with all those lives?

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