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Sharp Free-Form Displays Mean no More Rectangles

 |  |  |  |  June 19, 2014

Sharp has unveiled a slick bit of display tech that will free us all from the tyranny of the rectangle. It doesn’t matter where you find a display these days be it in your car, phone, or a TV, they are all rectangles. The reason has to do with the circuits driving the displays and the need for bezels.


Sharp has a new free-form display process that will be coming to market before long that allows LCD panels to be made in just about any shape. This will be a particularly big deal in the automotive industry where many instrument and control panels are display screens.

To make the free-form screen, Sharp invented a new proprietary circuit design that puts the required gate driver in a dispersed pattern spread amongst the pixels in a display area, dramatically reducing the size of the bezel. The result is no more rectangles, though it appears there still may be a need for at least one straight edge to provide connections to the screen.

Sharp hasn’t announced any commercial products that will use the new displays yet, but hopes to put them into mass production as soon as possible.

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