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These Bicycle Helmets Look Like Hats

 |  |  |  |  July 1, 2014

Being safe usually is not very fashionable. Take bicycle helmets. They are basically just huge and ugly skull protectors. Why can’t they look more normal? Dr. Cheryl Allen-Munley has the answer. Keep your noggin safe and look stylish with these bike helmets that look like hats.

Cheryl is a bicycle enthusiast and former Director of Transportation in Jersey City. She also wrote a dissertation on bike safety, so she knows her stuff. She has taken that knowledge and created Bandbox, a stylish line of bike helmets that look like look regular hats instead of safety devices.

They look good, sure, but are they comfortable? Actually, yes. And it sounds like she took everything into account when creating Bandbox. “I designed it to actually mimic the shape of the human head – basically my head,” Allen-Munley says, “Styrofoam—which most helmets are made out of—is not as impact-resistant as elastomeric foam, which is what we use.”

Now you could wear your bike helmet to the ball and no one would know. Hopefully they really are just as good as the ugly ones.

[via Cool Hunting via Neatorama]