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Vintage Internet Radio Made with Raspberry Pi: Poser

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Written by Lambert Varias | July 12, 2014

Sorry hipsters, but this radio is only authentic on the outside. Imgur member mxmln23 found two units of an old radio model on eBay and used them to make an Internet-connected music player. Mxmln23 was able to pull off the mod with the help of a Raspberry Pi and a free Linux-based software called Pi MusicBox.


Made by Wouter van Wijk, Pi MusicBox turns the Raspberry Pi into a music streaming device. All you need is a way to pump out the audio. Pi MusicBox supports Spotify, Soundcloud, Google Music, AirPlay, DLNA and more. You can also load music through your local network, an SD card or a USB drive. You can control a Raspberry Pi running Pi MusicBox via a webapp or a Music Player Daemon client.


You can download Pi MusicBox for free from Wouter’s website. Check out mxmln23’s Imgur gallery for more images of his mod.

[via Make: via Hacked Gadgets]