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Rainbow Swords are Perfect for Colorful Ninjas

 |  |  |  |  |  |  July 16, 2014

Your typical ninja is a person of stealth wearing all black and carrying swords that look more sinister than cute. I wonder if there was ever a group of ninja’s that liked to add a little color and flare to their dark costumes. If so, these Blades of the Rainbow Ninja would be perfect for them.


ThinkGeek has a set of ninja style swords and knives that have a really cool rainbow finish on the blades. If Nyan Cat ever went full-ninja on someone, kitty would use these blades.


The Rainbow knives come in a set of two swords or a set of three knives, and are made from stainless steel with a titanium coating.


You can get the entire kit for $49.99(USD) with all three knives and both swords complete with a scabbard for the works. If you only want the swords or knives, you can get them individually for $29.99.