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Fart Cannon: Ready, Aim, Flatulate!

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Written by Conner Flynn | July 18, 2014

Farts can be deadly weapons. Silent, but deadly. But how can we harness the raw power of farts? Up until now, we have never been able to make an effective weapon out of these gaseous emissions. The weaponization of farts requires something that gives us good aim and distance. Well, now we have a solution.

Farts no longer need to be in a confined space to be deadly. This is all thanks to Japanese prankster FARu ARuFa. He created the Fart Cannon that makes your once putrid grenade like fart, more like a fart mortar shell. Bombs away.

fart cannon1
It just takes a cardboard box, some tape, a hole in your pants, a hose and of course ammunition. The idea is to chamber the fart in the box and then launch it on demand.

fart cannon3
fart cannon4

fart cannon5
[via Neatorama]