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Awesome Realistic Cyberman Cake: Your Tastebuds Will Be Upgraded

 |  |  |  July 23, 2014

A Cyberman! Run! No, wait. Eat! This “Nightmare in Silver” will only give you a nightmare of a stomach ache after you eat too much frosting. This Cyberman doesn’t want to kill and delete life everywhere, it just wants to get in your belly.

cyberman cake
This Cyberman cake was made by Happy Occasions Cakes. You have to love the level of detail here. I don’t know whether I should run or dig in. It looks like it is straight from the TV show.

cyberman cake1
Of course, this may be a new Cyberman trick, where they attempt to assimilate you through from the inside out. Pretty clever, but I’ll take my chances. Cut me off a slice.

cyberman cake2
cyberman cake3
[via Between the Pages via That’s Nerdalicious]