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Anomo Social Network: Get to Know Someone Before Revealing Everything

 |  |  |  |  |  |  July 28, 2014

With the rise of social networking and messaging services, oftentimes we end up acting the opposite of how we’d behave in the real world. On Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and elsewhere online we incessantly talk about the most insignificant things, we become outspoken and rude, but most of all we start to take our privacy for granted. We expose our pictures, location and other private data to millions of strangers all over the world. A new social networking app called Anomo reminds us to have a bit more┬ácommon sense when it comes to our personal information.


Anomo is the opposite of social services like Tinder and Chatroulette, where you’re encouraged to expose yourself without knowing anything about the person on the other end. The app takes the anonymity of a simple chat room while still giving you ways to share and connect.


To start with, you register to Anomo under a nickname and an avatar. By default, the personal details you add to your profile are hidden from everyone. You can then choose to meet other Anomo users based on your interests or location, after which you can engage in chats and mini games, all while still remaining anonymous.


If you do find someone you’d like to open up to, you can choose to reveal some or all of your personal details to that person. Apparently you can customize how anonymous you are to each of your Anomo buddies.

The latest version of Anomo no longer has the credits feature mentioned in the video above. The app also gives you the option of registering to Anomo via your Facebook profile to help the app find people to match you with, but you can also register with your email address.

At the end of the day, your privacy is still your responsibility. You can choose to be discreet regardless of the social networking service you use. But at least Anomo encourages users to value their privacy. You can download Anomo from the iTunes App Store or Google Play store for free.